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A quinceañera is a big deal in the Hispanic culture. Many girls dream about reaching fifteen; they dream of wearing a Cinderella dress, the grand ballroom and the chamberlain. One key detail that many oversee when planning a quinceañera party is the cake. Yes, that simple word “cake” might not sound too important, however, it can become an ordeal if you are not ready for it.


And this is how all started. A few weeks ago we started our quinceañera cake shopping, running around from place to place, seeing all different designs, attending cake tastings and getting price quotes. This really became a tiring adventure. It would have been so much easier if we would have developed a plan. Of course, but who would think about that? It is just a cake.


Our first stop was a place we researched online. It is supposed to be a well-known bakery. We arrived on time, however the other party was about 20 minutes late. We had decided to meet there. The lady was nice to wait for them and agreed to serve all us the cake samples (a few more people showed up than what we have expected). The cake was fairly well received. At the end, we didn’t agree on the design and the price was outrageous. But wait a minute, leaving wasn’t as easy as we thought. She expected us to immediately pay for the entire cake or at least put down a large deposit. The lady that was all smiles when we first arrived had now turned into a not so nice of a person. Her face showed signs of anger and her smile was gone. She then proceeded to charge us for the cake tasting. Having attended many cake tastings before when I was planning my wedding, I have to say that this caught me by surprise. So remember to ask if there is a fee when making an appointment for the cake tasting. We decided to look for another vendor.


A few days later, we were heading to search for that special cake again. We arrived at a small bakery on Main Street.. As we were waiting to be helped, we noticed a couple waiting to be helped as well. Right in front of us was another customer waiting for his cake. Then, surprise! The lady at the counter told the guy she couldn’t locate his cake. The guy insisted that he had ordered the cake at this location and he was holding his receipt. My cousin and I looked at each horrified! What if this would happen to us? I don’t have to add what happened next; I believe you can imagine it.


Yes, out we went. The next stop–another bakery, this time at a swap meet food court. The owner of the bakery was very nice and helpful. The prices seem fair, about $300.00 for a cake for 100 people. The designs were simple and nice, but there was one little detail; all of them were made with the same filling: pineapple, strawberry and peach, regardless of the design you chose. We were not too convinced the cake was too pretty after all, even though the price was right compared to the previous one. A few more days passed while we continued to look online for bakeries and cake designs. A few phone calls were made, but some places never returned the calls. That tells me it was not the right place if they didn’t have the courtesy to return my call. The date of the event was approaching; we really needed to find a cake. We just need a beautiful cake that will make this event a success, but above all, it will put an smile on the quinceañera’s face.


And finally that day arrived, we met the right person. It is all about the first impression, right? We found a delicious and beautiful cake. The colors, the design, the taste, everything was magic. The price was also doable, we could not complain. Now that we have put our trust in this vendor, we are hoping that the cake will be as delicious as the cake tasting was. And guess what? There was no cake tasting charge either. The hostess had previously mentioned to us that even if we did not choose them to prepare our cake, there would be no charges. The event is only a few days away and there will be an update to this post. Pictures of the beautiful cake will be added.


For all of you, remember every detail counts because you want your event to be perfect. So plan ahead, first and most importantly, have a budget to work with, make a list of vendors, flavors, designs and colors. And schedule time to find the cake of your dreams. If you are in a rush, it is ok too, as long as you keep a journal with you to remind you of your requirements.

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