Car Pooling in Orange County

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We all hear about the benefits of car pooling–saving money on gas, avoiding traffic congestion and improving your stamina. Well, not so much if you are talking about carpooling in Orange County, California. I will be more specific and refer to the 55 southbound.

The 55 freeway connects the 22 West and 5 South and most of it is filled with morons. Yes, morons! Why? Because these people not only break the law by driving in the carpool alone, but also hold up traffic. I do not know if they are afraid of being caught by the police or if they are just complete jerks.

Every morning we attempt to leave on time for work and since my husband and I work for the same company, we have the “benefit” of car pooling. Well, not so much. Lately, our arrival time at work has been affected due to the fact that there are morons like the one this morning.

This morning we were riding along and despite the fact it was raining in southern California, the carpool traffic was moving quite well. Until all the sudden this lady in a white van jumped into the carpool lane right in front of us and decided to drive way under the speed limit. Not only she was driving below the speed limit, but she is all by herself. I was not aware that owning a van gives you the right to drive in the carpool lane by yourself. For quite a while we had to follow her because the lanes next to us were packed and moving slower than us.

Sometimes I ask myself, “Where are the cops when you need them?” It would have been very nice to see an officer pull this lady over and give her the ticket she deserves. I know it is impossible to have the highway patrol monitoring every carpool lane, but perhaps there is some technology that can be invented to punish morons like one in the white van.  But besides the moron this morning, I would have to add that there are other individuals called “bikers” that come out of nowhere, swing very fast by you and get upset if you don’t move to the side. Hello, the road is to be shared with everybody. Even though I agree that is polite to move to the side so they can have a little more room, come on, don’t be rude.

We all strive for safety. Let’s do our part and be good citizens, do not break the law, drive safely and be nice to each other. At the end of this story, we all need to share the road with each other.

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