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Every morning the story would begin with “what happened last night?” or “let me keep you updated.” Sylor was a very shy person when we first met, a reddish blue eyed, double face woman. Her way of getting noticed was mostly by portraying herself as a sweet girl. Soon enough she would be hanging around Scorpio. They both became very close and their friendship developed into an obsession. Nobody truly knows what their relationship was, but it went beyond simply friendship for many years. They shared the same love for tattoos and the sweet reddish girl began to emerge in a world up to then unknown for her. After Scorpio got married, Sylor was in distress. Seven years of her life were spent following Scorpio around, becoming her shadow until it was time to move on. Sylor now in her late fifties and after her many failed marriages began to dream, to dream about her perfect man. But she didn’t want just any man. She was looking for an attractive, financially secured, young and educated guy, one of those guys that you try to find on your late twenties if you are lucky. Sylor signed up for some online dating websites, creating a profile without a picture because she felt very insecure about herself. Some of those online services require you to sign up for a minimum of three months. Her desire of finding her soul-mate went beyond comprehension. Every night after work, she spent hours in front of her computer chatting with these guys. I remember the first time she came to work sharing what a “hot guy” she had met online. And from there it all got started.

Sylor-“Hola amiga” I met this good looking guy last night, do you want to hear about it?

Abby-Sure, whats up? How are you?

Sylor-Doing well, super excited. I love the way this guy talks to me.

Abby- Whats his name?

Sylor-Joe, he is good looking with a great job and wants to get married

Abby-When did you meet this guy? What does he do for a living?

Sylor-I met him last night but it feels as if we have known each other for years. We chat all night…I am so tired today. Oh and he works in finance. I am so excited. We are going out this Friday night, and i cant wait to see him…

Abby-Take it easy tiger, you should take your time before meeting this guy

Sylor- No worries, I know in my heart this is the one I have been waiting for….

Abby-Hmmm and how old is this guy?

Sylor-Charlie is in his late thirties and he works very hard to ensure people get great returns on their investments.

Abby-Good, I hope you like him when you guys meet in person

Sylor-of course I will, I am telling you. This is the man of my dreams, he is hot, he is handsome, great personality and he has a great career

Next morning, Anne was finishing her coffee when Sylor engaged on IM with Abby…Abby and Anne were good friends so they shared any new news in the office.

Sylor-Hi Abby, guess what? Oh poor Charlie we were talking last night and I felt him a little bit concerned so I asked if there was something he needed to share

Abby-Oh hi girl, whats up?

Sylor-Charlies had some issues with his credit card and his ATM card, I didn’t quite understood what happened but I know he is worried. His car payment and gas bills are due today and he needs to pay them. I told him not to worry about it. I will pay it off and he can give me back the money when he can.

Abby-But Sylor, you don’t know this guy yet.

Sylor-Oh yes I do, we met online and we have been chatting for a couple of days now plus we are meeting Friday. Don’t worry girl, I am gonna be fine. He is the one. I am telling you. He is hot..oh and when we chat, all he says is to want to meet me and eat me up! You know what I mean hehehe.

Abby-I don’t know Sylor, I think you are going too fast. Slow down a little bit.

Sylor-I will be fine, he is a gentleman and for sure he will give me the money back, there is nothing to worry about.

Friday arrived and Sylor showed up to work with her makeup on, high heels and a cute top that helped hide her extra pounds nicely.

Abby-hi Sylor, big day today, huh!

Sylor-Of course, I am meeting Charlie tonight and I cannot wait. I am very nervous; I haven’t been with a man in a long time

Abby-Sylor, you guys are just meeting today. Calm down

Sylor-Oh you know there is more that will happen tonight than just meeting (big smile).

Abby-Well good luck Sylor, I hope he is the one.

Around 4 pm Sylor got a phone call, it was kind of interesting because she has never answered her phone during work, but this time she picked up the phone and ran outside. A few minutes later she came back. Her cheeks were red and her head was down. We all noticed the change in her attitude.

Abby-Hi Sylor, everything ok?

Sylor-Not really, Charlie has to work overtime today and we won’t be able to meet as we intended

Abby-Don’t worry, tomorrow is Saturday and maybe you guys can meet up.

Sylor-No Abby, I suggested tha,t but Charlie is a very busy guy. He plans his work schedule during the weekends so we won’t be able to meet until next week…

Abby-Come on Sylor, its all guys can meet next week

Sylor- You are right Abby, it gives me a few more days to stay on this diet that I started Monday. I need to lose some weight before meeting him.  I want to look my best

Abby-Good job Sylor, don’t let this little hiccup get to you…

And time passed, after Charlie, it was James, Jose, and Mike….They all played with Sylor’s feelings and they were all looking for money, for someone to pay for their bills. I have heard many stories like this one and i asked myself? why do women fall for the wrong guys? We might never know why, or maybe there are many answers to this question. The reality is that perhaps our hopes are greater than reality…. Maybe because we want to believe them? i am not sure, but what i am sure about is that we women should not allow men to play with our feelings and only use us to pay their bills or to make them feel better when someone else played with them. We women are very valuable, we deserved much better than that. Love yourself first and then love someone else. 

To end!

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