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We recently traveled to a few countries and enjoyed the friendly people, the food and their hospitality. I will start with The Netherlands, more specifically the city of Amsterdam. This center of the city is surrounded by canals…you can take … Continued

Online Dating

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Every morning, the usual call would begin with “what happened last night?” or “let me keep you updated.” Sylor was a very shy person when we first met, a dark green eyed, double face woman. Her way of getting noticed … Continued

Car Pooling in Orange County

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We all hear about the benefits of car pooling–saving money on gas, avoiding traffic congestion and improving your stamina. Well, not so much if you are talking about carpooling in Orange County, California. I will be more specific and refer … Continued


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Hello All, As our lives evolved into a more involved social media, I found necessary to explore this new ways of sharing information with all of those who would like to read about it. I am not a writer nor … Continued

Cake Shopping

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  A quinceañera is a big deal in the Hispanic culture. Many girls dream about reaching fifteen; they dream of wearing a Cinderella dress, the grand ballroom and the chamberlain. One key detail that many oversee when planning a quinceañera … Continued